Strictly Come Dancing: Lesson 1

Posted on: January 5th, 2015 by Jess Flanagan

Fun or First Place?

Saturday was the day of our first lesson. See my previous post for information about the challenge my husband and I have undertaken and why.

At 4pm on 3 January, 12 couples nervously gathered in a pretty chilly dance studio. We’ve all met once before at a meet & greet in December, where we learnt about the amazing work St Peter’s Hospice does in Bristol (both in the hospice AND in the community, see here for more on their incredible services), so it wasn’t as nerve wracking as it could have been. There are loads of friendly faces and it was good to have a bit of a chat with some of the other couples.

Most of us a) admitted to having over-indulged over Christmas and b) bought shiny new dance shoes (pic of mine below) and c) were (or at least I was) starting to size up the competition. Now, I know this is for fun and it is for a good cause (St Peter’s needs £18.000 a DAY to provide the excellent care they offer) but I am pretty competitive. My family and friends all know this too well and as soon as we mention that we are taking part to anyone (and everyone) the response has been ‘you’ve got to win!’ My husband however is keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground (unless necessary to be off the floor due to a particular dance move – more on lifts later) and reminding me this is for fun. I’m hoping we reach a happy medium. Round about the place where he decides winning IS having fun 🙂

The standard is, so far, pretty good. The steps we have learnt so far are pretty basic and there is a lot of 1, 2 ‘boom boom’ and the flourishes that I’m looking forward to learning haven’t yet been introduced. I think that is when we will see where the different abilities lie.

Saying all that, we watched some of the footage from last year’s competition and the couple that stood out were those who yes, could dance, but really did give it some. So I think personality, attack and having fun is what might actually push up the scores. Maybe both of us are actually right, after all (compromise – the essence of a good marriage).

So we now spend the week practicing and perfecting our moves for the Samba and the American Smooth. Currently, we prefer the American Smooth and will probably root for that to be our main dance.

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Keeeeeeep dancing!


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