Strictly Come Dancing Bristol: nearly there!

Posted on: March 7th, 2015 by Jess Flanagan

Last Saturday was our final rehearsal. The finishing touches have been put on our numbers, costumes finished and tomorrow is the big day! 

Glenn and I have raised nearly £700 in sponsorship and £300 in ticket sales and couldn’t be more grateful to our families, friends and colleagues for their generous donations! 

Both very excited for the final tomorrow, but sad that it will all soon be over as we’ve met some really great people, all with stories to tell. I’m especially looking forward to tomorrow because we are all in it together, with rehearsals from midday and the show starting at 6, with plans to keep dancing into the night 🙂 I really, really want all of these lovely people to do well, have fun and dance their socks off! 

As for my husband and I, more than learning how to dance together, we’ve learnt how we both face competition. We’ve had to meet in the middle somewhat, but thanks to him, I will approach tomorrow as a chance to have fun and dance together and be proud of the amount of money we’ve raised for a fab cause!

Final report to follow… Keeeeeep dancing! 

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