Legal Aid for Community Care

Posted on: August 10th, 2014 by Jess Flanagan

I remain really quite pleased that Clarke Willmott was successfully awarded a contract to provide legally aided Community Care advice in Southampton and Bristol. In one week I have been able to help two new clients in a way I wouldn’t have been able to before we had this contract.

At the sake of sounding like a broken record, I thought I would repeat what I said about legal aid on our Elderly Care and Court of Protection blog, as I am so proud of the work we can now do to help those who really need it:

Providing Legal Aid for Community Care matters

“From 1 August 2014, Clarke Willmott will be in a position to offer our clients legally aided advice in respect of Community Care matters. From challenging Social Services and Continuing Healthcare assessments, to advising on applications for Judicial Review and in the Court of Protection, our team may be able to assist you. Until now, we have only been able to provide advice when a case is already in the Court of Protection, or if a hearing in the Court of Protection will be required.

Our contract with the Legal Aid Agency will enable us to advise eligible individuals and provide support for them at best interests meetings. These may take place way before a court hearing is necessary and can provide assistance in setting out views and evidence, to try to avoid the need for any court application.

Jess Flanagan, an Associate in the Clarke Willmott Court of Protection team says: ‘Everyone in the team is delighted that we can now provide legally aided support to the public, especially at a time when the austerity measures continue to bite in the Social Care world. With access to legal advice when an issue arises, as opposed to when the case is before the court, many clients will be able to avoid the lengthy and sometimes exhausting court process.’

To be eligible for legal aid an individual must have gross income of less that £2657, disposable income of less than £733 per month (combined with your partner if you are living with them) and capital of less than £8,000. It is a complicated and rigorous assessment, so if you are unsure, please call Jess Flanagan on 0845 209 1160.”

In the midst of all the challenges faced by legal aid practitioners and those they try so hard to support, I am so proud of what additional support we can now offer.

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