About Me

I am a Solicitor specialising in Welfare Proceedings in the Court of Protection and Community Care matters.

I have recently moved to Clarke Willmott LLP in order to develop my practice (and the firm’s) of Court of Protection Welfare cases. Clarke Willmott LLP is a full service, national law firm with 6 offices across the UK offering a full spectrum of legal advice to private clients and commercial entities.

In My previous role as Solicitor at Swain & Co, I spent 4 years leading the Community Care Department in the Southampton office, and introduced and developed the Court of Protection work in the local area. I was able to build up a good network of contacts within this area of work and continue to do so, by training and discussion.

My areas of expertise include residence, care and contact disputes that may arise between private individuals and public authorities concerning an individual who lacks the mental capacity to make important welfare decisions themselves. I am also experienced in bringing applications under Section 21A Mental Capacity Act 2005 in connection with the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) framework. This applies when someone is deprived of their liberty in a care home or hospital and wants to challenge their circumstances, either on behalf of the individual who lacks capacity and is deprived of their liberty, or on behalf of their appointed Representative.

I am regularly instructed by family members or to act on behalf of the person who lacks capacity (the person that the dispute is about) by a litigation friend, including the Official Solicitor.

Through my work at Swain & Co I developed a specialist knowledge of Safeguarding processes, Community Care law and Mental Health Act 1983, including representation of detained patients in the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

I am an Associate Professional member of Solicitors for the Elderly and sit on the South Central Regional Committee. I also provide Community Care/ Mental Capacity Act training for local charities, user groups and small business.

I started this blog in order to comment on what I see, what I believe in and suggestions for how protection of vulnerable adults could be improved. I will continue to do so.

Whatever I post, feel free to challenge what I’ve said, add to it, comment on it or correct me when I am wrong.